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  • Nov, 11 2019
    Paloma Solorio
    Well, well yesterday to Poughkeepsie so ready to sign up but they never open the door, try to call many times since Friday last week and no answer, today I will try one Las time in the other location buuuut, I still have my opinion hanging

    This was my comment from my first impression about the place... after taken two classes with so much enthusiasm and put from my part coz was notorious that the class wasn't precisely beginners* (which they never told me), I have to say I HATE THIS PLACE.
    I PAY $100.00US, I am a foreigner and traveler, sometimes is difficult for me to have access to social media and I EXPLAIN THIS, I as SEVERAL TIMES for the schedule, the teacher compromise her self to send me the info, wich she never send, call them 4 days in a roll, no answer, when I write a text asking for a refund is when they started to answer thru text messages.
    I wanted to be fair and told them to charge me for the two classes I took and refund me the rest, around 60-55us, send them my PayPal account, they ask me for it again, with in all honesty I didn't coz I am leaving the country and I had a bunch of things in my head, but they never even had the HONESTY OR INTEREST to call me to make sure I send the info or LOOK BACK ON THE TEXTS AND SEE THAT THEY ALREADY HAD IT!!!
    the argument was "you agreed to send us the info" OK! I send it since Thursday last week, never got my refund, call them Monday 20th to ask for my money and what they told me is they did send the payment, but since was a business PayPal account would take a couple of days, I kept insisting in a screen shot of the transaction, never got one, and few minutes ago I got "casually" the payment for $36.00us!!!! today,Thursday 21th / 12:30am try to call them (really upset!) But they don't have, again, the HONESTY to replay back, ask for my entire 100us since this "refund" (which is not correct) was taking forever and no even the amount they should give me back,on top of that they are deducting the commission from the transaction, the "refund".

    So unhappy to see the ABUSE at the maximum expression! Thank God I have good people they are going to give continuity and take care of this in a more professional level, coz the minimum after all this and the insult to myself and my sense of fairness if for them to refund THE ENTIRE AMOUNT 100.00DOLLARS I PAY!!!
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